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Do you need a label that captivates customers and persuades them to make a purchase?


Look no further! We’ll guide you safely through the entire process: from defining your business goals, target audience, and product strengths to delivering print-ready files and creating appetizing visualizations for your product.
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Do you need label designs that will boost the sales of your products?
Are you searching for a studio that listens to your needs, focuses on your brand, its essence, and message?
Are you in need of a studio that communicates openly, listens, and advises sincerely?

If you’ve answered yes, to at least one of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

What’s our solution?

Discover why it works!

Halo effect

1. Your customers form quick judgments. An attractive label signifies a trustworthy product. We call it the halo effect. People subconsciously believe that if someone put effort into creating a professional label, they also put effort into creating an excellent product. Over 60% of first impressions are related to the product’s appearance.

Substitution effect

2. Your customers are looking for a product on the shelf that meets their expectations. If they’re unsure about recognizing the right product, they judge it based on what they see and read on your label.

We call it the substitution effect. Well-designed packaging allows you to be remembered by customers.

Experience effect


We know how to communicate with the customers to convince them of your product. We know what to show to encourage them to make a purchase. These are not tricks; our role is to clearly show customers why they can trust you.

We believe that an honest relationship between you and your customers is crucial because sincerity allows for the building of lasting bonds.

5 seconds. That’s roughly the time a customer spends making a decision when standing in front of a store shelf.

5 seconds for a glance at the entire store shelf. This is your chance to reach new customers. If you feel that your current labels are not fully utilizing this opportunity, it’s time to make a change!

What have we done for our clients?

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We design recognizable brands that capture the hearts of customers.

We understand the importance of messages appearing on labels. We know how to persuade customers to buy your product. See how we work, step by step.

szukamy tego co cie wyroznia

1. We identify your Unique Selling Points

We analyze your competition, product category, and the location where your products will be sold, both in Poland and abroad. We examine your products, their distinctive features, strengths, and weaknesses. We look for what sets your products apart from the competition.

We use Seth Godin’s method, placing your product on the X-Y axis and adjusting the parameters to find your ideal customers. We don’t rely on simple divisions into cheap or expensive products, or low and high quality. Good-quality products will always find their audience. Our task is to find customers for your products.

Not every price is the main criteria for choosing a product. Inexpensive products can attract attention due to their easy availability, wide application, or simple design. Expensive products do not necessarily focus solely on quality; it could be a quick delivery time, ethically sourced ingredients, or an emphasis on ecology. We analyze these aspects and help determine which ones are worth promoting.

Wyznaczamy plan działania

2. We determine what’s most important

When designing product labels, we must remember that customers are only looking for those products that seem trustworthy to them. Therefore, before starting work on the label, we must thoroughly understand who the product is intended for and which visual and linguistic elements are most effective in convincing customers to make a purchase. Well-chosen words and graphics allow us to persuade as many people as possible to choose your product over the competition.

We also pay attention to the hierarchy of information on the label. Whether the most important is the manufacturer’s logo, the product name, or the product visualization depends on the business goals you set. If you plan to sell a series of products, we must establish a design system that allows for the later development and maintenance of the consistency of the labels’ appearance. Remember that the label is an important part of your product’s image and should attract the attention of customers.

Mówimy to, co Twój klient chce usłyszeć

3. We aim to convince your customer

In marketing, there is a principle that we should talk about customers and their needs, not about ourselves. We also adhere to this principle when designing labels. We focus on what is most important to your customer and suggest how to show it on the packaging.

Our approach is flexible. If your product is aimed at practical people, we won’t use unnecessary, flowery words, but focus on concrete information. On the other hand, if you want to attract sophisticated customers, we will use subtle images and matched vocabulary to pique their interest. We constantly think about your customer and how to convince them to choose your product. We want your label to be consistent with their needs and expectations, making it attractive and memorable.

Mówimy tylko tyle, ile trzeba

4. We focus on the most important informations

When designing product labels, we must remember that customers stop listening when the message is too long and complicated. Therefore, we focus on the most important features of your product that can stick in the consumer’s memory. Our goal is to build a consistent image of your brand that effectively convinces customers to choose your product.

Not every label has to be very simple, but each one should contain content condensed to a minimum. Too much information can cause each customer to interpret the message in their way, leading to misunderstandings or lack of interest. Therefore, we ensure that the message is unambiguous and easy to understand, attracting the attention and interest of your customers.

A good label design will save your money on advertising.

Label design is not only about aesthetics but also a key element in building your brand and attracting customers.
According to research, good labels are over twice as important as advertising, and even more important than word-of-mouth recommendations*. Therefore, we know that by designing labels, we help you save on advertising and significantly increase your audience.
The label is a silent salesman who suggests to the customer to choose your product among others. Therefore, we focus on designing labels that are not only aesthetic but also attract the attention of customers and build a strong brand image.

*Source: TNS OBOP

“Quality of projects and overall satisfaction with the cooperation are rated very high. We particularly like the professionalism in approaching work and paying attention to important details, often overlooked by the competition.””

Michał Swieca – CEO iCom Poland

You’ll increase your brand’s visibility.

As a manufacturer of an excellent product, you know that all your effort can go to waste if your label doesn’t instill trust in customers. A good label is crucial because it gives customers the confidence that there is a right product for them inside the package.
That’s why label design is extremely important. You need to focus on making your packaging convey the right values of your brand and be consistent with the character of your product. This will allow you to attract customer attention, build their trust, and ultimately increase sales and establish a strong position in the market.

Trust builds your brand

Labels that we design are attractive to your customers in a way that meets their needs. Our goal is to persuade, not to coerce. Consequently, when customers reach for your product once, they will come back to it. They will build a lasting relationship with it, ultimately bringing you significant profits.

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