We will design your new packaging

We will deliver designs that catch the eye and captivate your customers. Ones that your hand reaches for on its own. Effective, clear, delivered on time, and of high quality.

We believe that good products deserve better sales!

We will prepare labels for you that will convince your customers

72% of customers admit that packaging influences purchasing decisions.

The appropriate appearance of the packaging significantly translates into its sales.

We create designs with the aim of increasing your sales

We will create a product image that will tempt your customers to make a purchase.

We will take care of your brand from strategy, through name, visual identity, packaging, to materials and advertising campaigns.
Nagrody Art of Packaging Kolko i krzyzyk

We are award winning design studio. Packaging design and product branding are our main focus areas.

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Nata – labels for carbonated beverages

Type of project:
View the project

Pestila – product catalog

Type of project:
Advertising materials
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Paprocky – Single Malt Whisky

Type of project:
View the project

Bambino – product branding

Type of project:
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How can we help you?

We design packages that customers reach for with pleasure. Ones that surprise and encourage purchase.

We create interesting, enticing, and unique labels. We’ll deliver what you need!

We will showcase what you want to sell in an interesting and clear way!

A cohesive visual identity is the key to your brand’s recognition.

Catalogs, flyers, wobblers, posters, brochures, stickers, billboards, press ads, advertising stands, roll-ups, prints for trade show booths.

We will help you create the perfect plan for your brand. We analyze the market situation, the current point, and plan the future of your brand.

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Paprocky is a Polish whisky for which we developed a complete product branding, label designs, and marketing strategy. The label design project was awarded in the Art of Packaging competition in the Premium category.

How to design a board game? – Hot Potato case study

How to design a board game that will become one of the best-selling games originating from Poland? We combined our vast experience in designing board games with knowledge of psychology and divergent intelligence tests. See how the creation process unfolded and what the final result was.

Bambino Shampoos

Designing labels for Bambino shampoos was a significant challenge. How to introduce a new product into an extensive product line, highlighting its distinctiveness while maintaining consistency with what already exists in the market? There’s nothing like a good puzzle!


See how we refreshed the labels of Barmańska to breathe new life into it. It was a challenging operation because refreshing labels should always be done very delicately. The goal is to attract new customers without losing the existing ones. We know this perfectly!

How can we help you?

We understand perfectly that the perception of your product by your customers determines your sales.

That’s why we design packaging that inspires trust. Because we believe that good products deserve better sales!


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