About us

We are a graphic design studio from the heart of Poland

Are you looking for an experienced partner who will take your product to the next level? Help you stay in an increasingly challenging market, or even surpass the competition? Build an attractive and captivating image for your brand?

We specialize in designing the graphic appearance of packaging. But that’s not all! In reality, our competencies include comprehensive product branding! We’ll take care of your product holistically—from creating a name, through logo design, packaging, labels, leaflets, instructions, catalogs, to all other promotional materials, ending with advertisements. If it can be printed, we’ll design it.

O nas studio graficzne lodz

Why us?

We’ve seen many brands that, after years on the market, found themselves in a difficult situation. They still brought in some money, but were increasingly falling behind the competition. Owners wondered whether it might be better to withdraw the product from the market than continue struggling with it. And that’s when they came to us! We helped them navigate through this crisis.

That’s exactly why you need specialists. When you’re not entirely sure what to do with your product, how to reach new customers, how to regain those who doubted it and were tempted by the competition. You don’t need to know all the answers. You just need to find the right people who will solve your problems.

We don’t rest on our laurels

We received the Art of Packaging (twice) award for the best freestyle packaging and premium packaging. We received award for best Graphic design studio. We also received the Children’s Rights Advocate award for the best board game project promoting children’s rights.

Every month, thousands of readers read our articles in specialized press. At conferences, trade shows, and symposiums, we talk about creating effective product branding.

Why is this important for you? Because it means we know what we’re talking about, as we are regularly asked to share our knowledge.


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What are our strenghts?

We’ve been operating since 2010. We’ve helped over one hundred clients by creating over thousand of projects for them.

We are a team of creative and talented individuals who specialize in packaging design and branding.
Our graphic design studio has been operating since 2010, serving hundreds of clients and creating thousands of projects for them. We have rich and diverse experience; some of us are graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, but we are not limited to the artistic environment. Skills and imagination matter to us!

Here you can see our full list of services.

How can we help you?

We’ll take care of your brand, surround it with tender care, and give it such an image that no potential customer will pass by it indifferently!

Finding the right solution to your problem is like solving a detective puzzle. At the beginning, we establish with you what the problem is. Then we search for the best solution, testing and rejecting various hypotheses. It’s not as if the first solution is always the best.

Sometimes it may turn out that the problem lies in a completely different place than initially thought. Perhaps it’s not about your product being less visible on the shelf. Maybe it simply doesn’t reach the right target group? When we identify the suspect, we start gathering evidence—meaning we look for the best solution that will push your brand onto new tracks.

Our team

Antoni Luchniak

While working in one of the advertising agencies, he occasionally found himself designing product packaging. However, these were sporadic assignments, and he felt that this was something that truly fascinated him. That’s why he decided to open his own company to be able to design interesting, eye-catching packaging and labels. He has been working in the graphic design industry since 2007. He graduated from the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts, attended the Konstskola in Örebro, Sweden, and the Accademia di Belle Arti in L’Aquila, Italy.

Privately, he is a lover of books, video games (only on consoles), puzzles, mountains, and nature.

Katarzyna Wolfigiel
Graphic designer

A person with the memory of an elephant – remembers everything, even the pra-pra-pra-beginnings of the company – pouring coffee from the first kettle and with a trembling heart, recording the first print files. The trembling is long gone, only the fluttering eyelids remain – because the love for coffee is still strong. A lover of modern design, illustrations reminiscent of vintage style, and simple, geometric graphic forms. As the only one, she approaches multi-page InDesign files with a raised visor. She has an excellent sense of typography and is not afraid to use avant-garde fonts. Everyone knows that she eagerly awaits the moment when she can finally use Gothic fonts in a project, and until then, with German precision, she tames commas and grammatical errors in the less linguistically gifted colleagues. In her free time, she enthusiastically browses through local flea markets.

Marta Grabowska
Graphic designer

In Tic Tac Toe since ancient times, meaning 2013. Talented designer and illustrator – there is nothing she won’t draw. Even if it’s a partridge on a skateboard playing golf with a T-rex. In space.

With a background in international relations, she chose not to deal with geopolitics but opted for creativity and creation. Straight from the world of white collars to the artistic world of wild, carefree rides.

Endowed with an extraordinary and unrestrained imagination, she creates excellent photomontages, if needed to “turn the sofa upside down in Photoshop.”

In marketing language, “traveling is her passion” – she will go anywhere, although she prefers Asia.

She definitely inflates reading statistics in Poland, thanks to which she always has a difficult word for every occasion. She can even communicate in Japanese.

Daria Siuta
Graphic designer

Coming soon

Katarzyna Skrzypczak
Graphic designer

Her graphic story began with an interest in art and a love for creating beautiful things. During her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, she decided to focus on graphic design and specialized in visual identity design. Creating a unique brand identity is for her an adventure full of challenges.

She approaches each project with care and seeks creative solutions that enrich its aesthetics and functionality. She feels relief and satisfaction when removing hanging hyphens and adjusting letter spacing. She joined Tic Tac Toe in 2021.

Besides work, she fulfills herself athletically in pole dance training, defying gravity, and enjoys traveling during vacations. She likes quiet evenings with a book in the company of her two charming rabbits named Greg and Nana.


Just write or call. Let’s talk about your challenges and concerns. About your product and about you. Let’s think about how we can help you.

+48 531 622 899 (also via Whatsapp)

We are open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. CET. But you can schedule a video call whenever it’s convenient for you.

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